Get the fuck off my website

Posted March 1st, 2006 by
Categories: Stories

Hello everyone. Welcome to my website.

I am the biggest psychopathic serial killer you ever will find. I like nothing more than cutting slits in kneecaps and fucking them. I spend most of my leisure time in the cubicles of girls’ toilets, listening to them shitting and pissing while I silently masturbate.

If anyone fucks with me, young or old, male or female, though, I fuck them up. Fuck everyone except for me. I look out for number one, and if number one’s fun is being impinged on by any other motherfucker, then that motherfucker needs to get taken out. I’ve got so many kills under my belt it’s unreal.

But kills under belts don’t even compare to shits on faces.

I wonder if there’s something fucked up with me, perhaps; I wonder if I should cut down on my bizarre fetishism and murder, whether one day I’ll start to be a real menace to society. But I don’t think so. I’m normally harmless enough. Most of my friends think I’m a totally nice normal guy; they think that these stories are just pisstakes and that I would never commit any acts like this in real life. What fools. They better watch their backs, and their girlfriends’ knickers, because I don’t fuck about.

I keep it big pimping style, motherfuckers. And if keeping it big pimping necessitates fucking bitches up and indulging in every disgusting sex act under the sun, all the time, then that’s what fucking big pimps have, so fuck you in the fucking face.

Actually, I’m just fucking with you. I hope you enjoy my stories.

P.S. The nicest thing you can possibly do for me is link this site all over the internet. I see you people copy-pasting my Cinderella story on your own blogs with not so much as a link back here. You don’t wanna fuck with me, whiteboy.