“How perfectly divine,” I thought, stroking my chin and allowing my eyes to wander towards the cashier’s open shirt. I had arrived at my local supermarket for the purposes of purchasing a packet of Supernoodles and a refreshing beverage in the form of 8 cans of Special Brew, and my view of cleavage acted as a suitable bonus on this warm Summer’s day.

The cashier has shoulder-length, dark red hair, which shimmered vibrantly under the pale white strip lighting. The crushing monotony of hours and hours of scanning foodstuffs had poisoned her soul, her bright blue eyes vacuums of boredom. My chest quivering gaily, I approached her checkpoint, placed my items on the conveyor belt, and cleared my throat as she began scanning them.

“My lady,” I began, “may I comment on how lovely your hair is?”

“You may,” she responded, smiling briefly. “I see you from your choices have good taste – I often enjoy spending my evenings eating instant noodles and getting as pissed as a rat on tramp’s delight.”

Before I could object, I was sat on a toilet, in the cubicles, with my lovely red-haired mistress sucking on my dick like she was dying of thirst and the only way to get liquids in the surrounding barren landscape was to drink my semen. Precum lazily rolled down my penis, which she licked like an ice-lolly. I felt it most inappropriate to ejaculate into the mouth of a female, and warned her as I began to cum, but she indulged on my jerking erection, sucking me dry, before swishing my fluids around in her mouth and gargling.

“My dear,” I said breathlessly, “cheers for that.” Ideally at this point I would’ve fallen asleep against the cubicle wall, sat upright on the toilet, but my damsel was uninterested in this. She grabbed me by the wrist and tugged me upright, pulling me from the store and taking me into the enveloping sunlight of outside, despite my repeating, “no, it’s alright, I’m done.”

Within moments, I found myself naked and tied to her bedposts by my wrists and ankles. She was still dressed, sat on top of my chest, her legs to either side, staring down at me with a half-smile on her face, with perfectly formed teeth, two dimples – every inch of her face a microcosm of cuteness as it poked out from above her breasts. I felt my deflated penis make efforts to ressurrect itself, like a pigeon having a heart attack.

“So,” I murmured. “What do you have in mind?”

Wordlessly, she removed a penknife from her pocket and flipped the blade open. My face instantly went cold as I felt the blood rush out of it. I struggled briefly, but was stuck captive. Realising death quite quickly, I decided it was unlikely the end could be more arousing, at least. I sighed, relaxing slightly.

She brought the blade to my neck, tickling me with its sharp blade, toying with my life like a kitten savaging a bird. I gulped, the movement in my neck pushing against the serrated edge. I saw her giggle, the sound reaching my ears as she shifted herself from me and brought it down to my chest.

The knife cut into my nipple, sending a tremor of pain through my nerves. She began to stroke my chest with a soft, cold hand, using the other one to steady the blade as it reached my bellybutton. Without any warning, she thrust it into my tender flesh about half an inch, tore it across, and ripped upwards again, removing a lump of skin. The intensity of the pain was almost overwhelming. My mind span with dizziness, my back twitching and convulsing, as the severed skin blasted angry signals up my spine.

I watched her put the soggy, bloody lump of flesh into her mouth, before pulling some cotton wool from the table beside her bed and stemming the blood from my gaping wound. I moaned and rolled my head around on the pillow.

She returned to sitting on my chest. She held my head still, took the knife, held her wrist above my face, and shoved the blade into her veins, slicing across them like a slab of meat. I saw the veins and carpillaries bursting, blood running down her arm and over my lips.

Ignoring my pain, I opened my mouth, allowing the blood to trickle in, savouring the familiar metallic taste. It streamed across my head, the dark red droplets dripping like tears to her pillow, my vision tinged with red. I felt appreciative of the profoundly confusing intimacy.

She finally got undressed, freeing her magnificent tits from the boundaries of clothing. She removed a bloody tampon and shoved it in my mouth like a baby’s dummy.

Lying on the bloodstained mattress, I soon fell asleep.