Fucked With a Knife

I met her at the bus stop. We were both staring into the impenetrable fog, looking for the lights of a carriage, a carriage that would take us to the next point in our miserable journey to nowhere. We waited together, silently, for what seemed like an age. My eyes wandered over her body, her skimpy clothing, most of her flesh out on display, I looked at her inner thigh disappearing under a miniskirt just below her cunt, and I drooled. I couldn’t stop looking at her, and she loved it.

I spoke first. “You must be cold,” I said. “Have my jacket.”

She grinned cutely as I put my slightly bloodstained coat over her bare shoulders. “Do you fancy a quick fuck while we wait for the bus, love?” she inquired frankly. “My house is just round the corner.”

Bitch is gonna get fucked up, I thought, smiling toothily and nodding. “I’d like that very much, my dear. Let us proceed to your house post-haste, lest we miss it.”

Worst mistake she’ll ever fucking make, I thought, pulling off her clothes and kissing her breasts as we made our way indoors. She was already half naked by the time we got into her house. I followed her hungrily up the stairs, threw her on to the bed and pulled what remained of her clothes off.

Teddy bears and dolls were scattered around her room and there was a recent picture of her in her school uniform next to the bed. I shake those negative thoughts out of my mind, look at her curves and contours, and stroke her body, her fleshy, round bosoms, her soft, moist vagina… I slide a finger in. She makes a soft moaning noise.

I plaster her beautiful face with kisses and pull out my penis, standing to attention like a soldier. I then proceed to gently suck her nipples as I pull a small knife out of my back pocket. I pull my finger out and thrust the knife deep into her pussy, ripping through her vaginal flesh, tearing through her like a piece of meat, and giggle. She squeals, a stuck pig, as I pull the knife out and stab her again and again. Pints of blood spurt out with every blow to her wound and spray over the mattress. She tries to sit up and grab me, but I’m quickly on top of her, cutting her vaginal lips out deliberately and shrieking with laughter as she screams in terror and struggles.

Wanking with one hand, I again thrust the blade into her vagina that now pours blood like a tap, and carve and twist it around, sharp slices through her muscles and nerves. I reach a hand in there and tear out all the loose tendons and skin that I can.

She stops struggling, probably passed out from the pain. I smear the gore on my face and cum. I then put it all in my lunchbox and leave her sprawled on the bed, her cunt spewing blood like a million botched abortions, and run out to catch the bus, kicking a teddybear aside on the way.