Girls Scream Aloud story

Girls Scream Aloud is a story written by a man named Darryn Walker from South Tyneside that resulted in him getting taken to court for obscenity.

You can read the Girls Scream Aloud story online here because I realised there doesn’t appear to be anyone else who has created a mirror of it.

Obviously, I think it is absolutely terrible that anyone would be arrested for writing text and publishing it online.

This following story was not written by me in any part. Personally, I don’t think it’s very good. But fuck how my home and native land treat free speech.

Publishing this is definitely in the public interest. Motherfuckers.

This is the entirety of the text as it was originally posted on

Everything beneath this sentence is his original post.

(FFM, nc, rp, inc, v, tor, bd, sn, mutilation)

By Blake Sinclair
([email protected])

WARNING! This story contains explicit imaginary descriptions of the rape torture and mutilation of five of the sexiest girls in pop today.

The following is a work of erotic/sadistic fantasy set in a world in which women are disposable sex objects that exist solely for the pleasure of men. It contains themes of extreme sexism, misogyny, torture, rape, mutilation, dismemberment, murder, execution and male supremacy over women. I cannot stress enough that this is STRICTLY FICTITIOUS and in no way reflects my own views or opinions towards women.

Under no circumstances should the violent situations of this story be re-enacted in any way. ALWAYS practice safe sex with consenting partners of a legal age.

The characters in this story are fictitious and any similarities between any persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

If you are easily offended by the themes I have described above then please read no further. If you are unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality and your actions are in any way likely to be influenced by these fictional events then you are not the sort of person that I want reading my work and you should commit suicide before an innocent person gets hurt because of your sick and perverted persuasions. For those who enjoy gratuitous sadistic erotica in the extreme and realise that this is nothing but fantasy, please read on….



As much as I had always hated the sound of Girls Aloud’s so called music, like nearly every other man in the world I was willing to endure it in order to see their luscious soft female bodies on TV clothed in very little. How I fantasized about how I would kill five such sexy girls.

My most recent girlfriend, Lisa had looked a bit like Sarah Harding which my only reason was for ever dating her and for killing her in my favourite way when I got sick of her – to cut off her legs and tits whilst she was tied down naked and helpless.

Strangely enough though, in the last month nobody had heard anything from Girls Aloud. They had simply not turned up for an organised concert with no explanation.

I didn’t give it much thought as I would at least be spared that racket of their so called singing.

It was purely by chance then, that I stumbled across the most fantastic eBay offer I had ever set my eyes upon: Genuine Girls Aloud body parts plus a DVD of all five girls’ murder with every purchase.

I studied the images closely: Five pretty heads; five pairs if well formed tits; five carefully cut out cunts and five pairs of long sexy legs.

Hoping beyond anything I’d ever hoped for before that this wasn’t a hoax, I waited until the last possible moment and doubled the offer on Nadine Coyle’s legs and held my breath. I didn’t breathe again until I was satisfied of three things: Bid accepted; Payment confirmed; Goods dispatched.

It took only two days for my lovely new purchase to arrive and I eagerly opened the long box. My hands trembled as I tore away the soft inner packaging to reveal a pair of beautiful smooth sexy legs. They had been treated with a preservative called Soft Balm which kept a dead body from ever decomposing. It had been formulated to meet with the rising demand for men wanting to keep girls’ body parts as souvenirs of sexual their conquests.

Also in the packaging was the promised DVD. I loaded it into my player, sat down with Nadine’s legs in my lap and hit the ‘PLAY’ button on my DVD remote:

Victim #1: Nicola

According to its driver, the Girls Aloud tour bus had to be diverted in order to avoid upcoming road works.

The girls themselves were too engrossed to care so all he got was a simple “Yeah, whatever.” from Cheryl who was clearly annoyed that his announcement had distracted Kimberley from licking out her wet cunt. Beside Cheryl and Kimberley, Sarah lay in between Nadine and Nicola. Nicola lay behind Sarah and had one finger up Sarah’s tight little arsehole.

Sarah in turn had one arm stretched behind her and was fingering Nicola’s juicy cunt. Facing Sarah was Nadine who had one finger in Sarah’s cunt who in turn fingered Nadine with her other hand. Nadine was also fingering Kimberley’s cunt from behind. All the girls were well aware that they were being watched by the driver.

The driver hated these bitches and their teasing sex games which the little bitches knew he was watching on the bus’s internal CCTV monitor. They did so love to play their little teasing game for him which was why he’d spent months planning this particular detour. They wouldn’t be so arrogant soon, the overpaid little whores. Soon they’d be begging for their lives and making him very rich, not to mention very happy.

“I’m pulling into a garage here!” the driver announced. No one answered. They probably didn’t even hear him over their own moans and giggles. In fact they didn’t even realise that the bus had stopped and the driver had left it. They were too busy playing with one another’s cunts.

Cheryl gave a scream of ecstasy as her cunt shot its hot girl cum onto Kimberley’s tongue. Kimberley swallowed Cheryl’s cum and licked her cunt clean then giggled, as she wriggled with Nadine’s finger up her own cunt.

“Ha ha!” Kimberley laughed. “Cheryl’s out! She’s just shot her load.” Kimberley licked her lips at Cheryl. “And it tasted lovely.” Kimberley added and kissed Cheryl on the cunt then on her mouth so Cheryl could get a faint taste of her own juices. The others laughed as Cheryl stood up and walked away to get dressed.

It was only as Cheryl, still dizzy from the earth shattering orgasm Kimberley had given her, was sorting out a pair of tights to put on that she realised that the bus was no longer moving.

“Hey, we’ve stopped.” she called out.

“No, no, nooooo! Oh god!” Screamed Sarah as she was the next to orgasm. “Fuck you, Cheryl!” Sarah shouted “I was trying not to cum!” Nadine and Nicola both took their fingers out of Sarah’s arse and cunt. As they were both still in the game though, Sarah had to stay where she was and keep her fingers in both of their cunts.

“Where’s the driver gone?” Asked Cheryl to no one in particular.

“Filling up I suppose,” suggested Sarah.

“You’re right.” Said Cheryl. “I can smell petrol.”

The others instinctively sniffed the air.

“It’s getting stronger too.” Cheryl said.

“I don’t think that its petrol either.” Said Nicola, her voice straining with the effort of talking and keeping an orgasm at bay.

“Well bloody diesel, then!” Snapped Cheryl. “God, you can be a right pedantic cow at times!”

The smell got stronger.

Kimberley sniffed harder, “My car’s diesel,” she said urgently. “And I can tell you now that’s not like any diesel I’ve ever used!”

“What the fuck’s going on?” demanded Cheryl just before darkness took her and she hit the floor of the bus.

The others fell unconscious too.

Little did they realise what awaited them when they woke up.

* * *

Sarah’s eyes opened. Her vision was blurred. She was lying gagged on a cold stone floor with her hands tied behind her back. She was still naked except for the fact that someone had put a pair of sheer black stockings and black five inch heels on her.

As her vision cleared she realised that there wasn’t much light but she could make out the shapes of the others similarly gagged and tied. They had all had stockings and high heels put on them as well.

One of them moved, Nadine.

Nadine opened her eyes and looked pleadingly to Sarah. Sarah could only return her helpless stare. One by one the other three came round.

They all lay helpless on the ground as they came to their senses.

They hadn’t lain there for long when light suddenly flooded the building they were in. The lights were powerful and they all recognised them as familiar studio lights which they were well used to working under.

They were in some kind of large warehouse. It was sparsely furnished but for the lights and some odd looking apparatus in the middle of the floor and a couple of high definition digital movie cameras.

From somewhere out of sight, they could hear faint laughter: A man’s laughter. All five girls were getting very frightened. They wriggled futilely in their restraints as the sound of footsteps sounded in the distance and the shape of a man loomed into view.

He was large muscular and naked with a huge erection. His face was obscured by a black leather executioner’s hood and only his eyes and mouth were visible. The girls tried to back away as he approached them. He went for Cheryl first and effortlessly hauled her to her feet and dragged her to where five hooks hung from the high ceiling. He untied her wrists then snapped handcuffs on them, this time in front of her. Then he pulled her arms above her head and looped the chain of the handcuffs over one of the hooks so as she stood suspended with her feet just barely touching the floor.

Tears filled Cheryl’s eyes and she sobbed softly.

The man walked away and returned with Nadine. He repeated the process of hanging her by her wrists on one of the hooks then returned with Sarah followed by Nicola and finally Kimberley.

All five girls were crying now.

The man himself seemed to be adjusting one of the cameras so that it pointed towards the five helpless girls.

“Well, girls,” said the man in a rasping voice. “If you haven’t already guessed, you’re all going to die tonight.”

The girls all started shaking and pulling frantically at their restraints.

His cold cruel eyes looked at each girl in turn. The look of sheer terror filling each of their eyes was clearly pleasing him.

Finally he spoke, “Nicola. You’re first.” He walked up to Nicola and removed her gag.

“Nooooo!” she screamed “No! Please!”

The man lifted Nicola off her hook and dropped her screaming to the ground.

He then grabbed her by her long auburn hair and dragged her to where a work bench stood in the middle of the floor.

Nicola continued screaming. “No! Please! Somebody help me!”

The man lifted Nicola effortlessly onto the wooden bench and unlocked her handcuffs.

Nicola tried to struggle against his superior strength but he easily forced her arms wide apart and tightened her wrists into leather straps at the corners of the bench.

Nicola kept screaming.

The hooded man then grabbed Nicola’s kicking legs and similarly tied them at the ankles as wide apart as painfully possible so that her wet cunt lips were parted and vulnerable.

Satisfied that Nicola was completely helpless, the man held up a huge twelve inch vibrator for Nicola and the others to see. Nicola’s eyes widened at the length and thickness of the huge phallic toy.

The man smiled and activated the dildo. It buzzed to life with a faint hum. Then he squeezed it tightly and a sharp eight inch blade sprang from its tip.

“No!” Screamed Nicola louder than ever “Oh God! No! Please!”

The man retracted the blade and smiled. “As soon as you cum.” He said unable to keep the excitement out of his voice. “As soon as you cum, the blade extends inside you.”

“No!” Screamed Nicola. “Please! I’ll do anything. Anything!”

The man ignored her and parted her already open cunt lips even farther with his fingers.

“Nooooo!” cried Nicola over and over again as she felt the huge rubber cock being forced up her tight cunt hole. It was pushed further into her than any real cock or dildo she had ever used on herself had ever been. She yelped in pain as the man gave it one last push and activated it.

The dildo vibrated fast inside Nicola’s cunt, stimulating that most sensitive area. Her clitoris sent all the usual signals of euphoric bliss to her brain despite her best efforts to resist. I mustn’t orgasm; she thought to herself, I mustn’t cum.

But the dildo was too powerful and after a few minutes of stimulation Nicola lost control of her cunt muscles as they squeezed and contracted around the huge dildo which was invading her body.

“No. NO. NOOOOOOOOOOO!” she screamed but it was too late. Inside her body she felt the release of her juices followed by a sharp horrendous pain of the cruel blade perforating her innards. She screamed her loudest yet as the man loomed over her once again this time holding a long knife. Nicola began to cough up blood from her destroyed internal organs. Her vision began to darken but she felt the man’s rough hand squeeze her tit hard. He then placed the knife blade under the tit and sliced upwards.

Nicola made a sound that was somewhere between screaming and gurgling blood. The man sliced excitedly until the soft tit was severed from Nicola’s dying body. He then did the same to her remaining tit, happy that she was still alive and conscious enough to still feel the pain and scream.

When both her tits had been cut off the man pulled the bloodied dildo out of Nicola’s cunt and with a smaller thin sharp knife, he cut around her cunt then pulled it out with a sharp tug. Nicola gave one final scream.

Although still alive, Nicola felt cold and numb and her vision was darkening. She could make out the shape of the man standing between her outstretched legs holding what appeared to be a large saw. Darkness finally took her as she thought she could hear a grinding sound and the feeling of something cutting trough her pelvis where her leg joined her body.

Victim #2: Kimberley

The four remaining girls looked in sheer terror at Nicola’s torture. She had stopped screaming now and the only sound they could hear was the sickly grinding sound of the man sawing the legs off Nicola’s mutilated body.

When the legs were cut off he placed them on the ground and unfastened the restraints holding Nicola’s arms. He then lifted her titless and legless torso and placed it on the ground beside her severed tits and legs.

The girls’ eyes flooded with tears at the sight of Nicola’s demise and at the knowledge that one of them was going to be next.

The man turned back to where the helpless four were hanging by their wrists.

They all began to struggle violently as he eyed each one of them in turn until his eyes settled on Kimberley.

Kimberley shook her head frantically as he walked towards her and removed her gag.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” screamed Kimberley. “Please!”

The man smiled “I’m betting you’ll do anything not to die like Nicola did?” he asked excitedly.

“Yes.” screamed Kimberley. “I’ll do anything. Anything you want! Oh God please don’t do the same to me. Please! I don’t want to die!”

“Well,” said the man menacingly, “Killing beautiful girls is horny work and I have the urge to cum in your mouth. Are you going to be a good girl and suck my cock?”

“YES!!!” Screamed Kimberley. “Yes I’ll be good and do whatever you want. Just please don’t hurt me!”

He lifted Kimberley down from her hook and forced her to kneel in front of him.

“Suck my cock.” He ordered her. “And swallow like the little slut you are!”

With that he rammed his hard cock into Kimberley’s open mouth. “Use your tongue, you little whore!” he growled.

Kimberley tasted the salty pulsating cock in her wet mouth. Under different circumstanced she might have enjoyed it. But now all she could think was that her life depended on this blow-job although deep down she knew she was going to die anyway.

The huge cock pulsated and throbbed in her mouth until it finally exploded and her mouth filled up with hot thick cum.

There’s so much of it thought! Kimberley. As she swallowed it seemed as though more was pouring from the hard erection and she began to choke as she struggled to get all the hot semen down her throat.

Finally the man stopped cumming and pulled his cock out of Kimberley’s mouth. Amazingly, it was still impressively hard.

Kimberley gagged and spluttered as she tried to breathe again.

“Did you enjoy that?” the man asked making no effort to hide the fact that he clearly had.

“Yes!” cried Kimberley hoping that this was the right thing to say. “I want to do it again. Please can we do it again?”

The man laughed. “I don’t have time.” He said. “I’ve got to kill you and three more to kill.”

“No!” Kimberley cried. “You promised!”

“I didn’t promise,” said the man. “You were brought here to die, all of you were! And you’re all going to die. Did you really think that you could tease men all these years and get away with it? All those poses in magazines, those videos of you all wearing next to nothing showing off your tits and legs making men horny. Making men want you and then laughing because you thought that they could never get near you.” He looked down at Kimberley and then at the three others while he continued his obviously frustrated rant.

“But then the law changed!” he said “The law changed and women were put in their places. No rights, none of this equality bollocks! Just dirty little tarts for men to do what they like with. And now that’s exactly what I’m going to do with you.”

He picked Kimberley up and fastened her onto the bench as he had done to Nicola.

Kimberley screamed and begged as he forced her sexy legs wide apart and tied her ankles. He then began to lick her cunt out. She had already cum. Most likely out of fear.

“I knew this was making you horny.” He laughed as he stuck his tongue as far up her cunt as he could.

He withdrew his tongue and parted her cunt lips so he could look inside her. “Any more up there?” He asked “I hope so. There’s nothing quite like the taste of a frightened girl’s cum.”

Kimberley just kept on screaming at her violation much to the man’s cruel amusement. To his utter delight and to Kimberley’s shame she came as he licked out her sweet wet cunt. He licked up her rich white girl cum savouring the taste of her fear in every drop.

Kimberley had screamed all through her orgasm but now she had quietened as the man finished licking her and stood up.

“I think we’ll do it different this time,” he said as he retrieved his blood covered saw.

“NOOOOOOOO!” Screamed Kimberley. “God no! Please kill me first! Please! I’m begging you!”

“Sorry,” said the man. “But I can’t do that. I need to saw off your legs while you’re still alive so you’ll feel the pain. And I need the practice for when it’s Nadine’s turn. She’s got the sexiest legs in the world apparently.” He looked over at where Nadine was hanging.

“The sexiest legs in the world,” he repeated, “and I’m going to be the one to cut them off.” Nadine felt herself cum at the thought of dying in such a way.

Hot sticky girl juice ran down the world’s sexiest legs.

The man laid a rough hand on Kimberley’s throbbing wet cunt to steady her helpless soft trembling body and pushed his middle finger into her slippery well lubricated hole.

She screamed at this latest rough uncaring intrusion into her most intimate opening.

“Please!” She cried desperate to be spared the same, if not worse pain that had been so mercilessly inflicted upon Nicola.

The man ignored her pleas for mercy just as he had ignored Nicola’s.

He positioned the jagged blade of the saw on the bone of Kimberley’s pelvis where her long shapely leg joined her body and began to saw back and forth.

Kimberley screamed as the cruel blade broke her delicate skin at first then bit into the bone itself.

Kimberley’s shrieks of agony filled the vast building as the saw bit deeper and deeper with each stroke and each stroke Kimberley knew was one stroke closer to her leg becoming detached from her body.

Kimberley’s world was one of pain, unimaginable ecstatic pain until the sawing stopped and she could no longer feel any sensation in her sexy leg. It had been cut cleanly off and all Kimberley felt was a searing pain where the saw had severed bone tendons nerves and sinew.

Her screams had died down to a pant as she felt herself going numb from shock and severe blood loss.

The man must have realised this and knowing that Kimberley would soon be dead he proceeded to saw off her remaining leg to make sure she would at least suffer right up until the end.

The new wave of pain from her other leg being sawed off momentarily brought Kimberley back to her senses and she began screaming once again. To the man’s disappointment, her screams were short lived.

The pain finally left Kimberley’s body as darkness overcame her vision. The last thing she saw was the man smiling as he sawed away at her half severed leg.

Victim #3: Sarah

Sarah, Cheryl and Nadine looked on as the man continued to mutilate Kimberley’s dead body. He removed her cunt in much the same way as he had Nicola’s then he sliced off Kimberley’s tits.

Finally he unstrapped Kimberley’s body from the bench and placed her remains beside those of Nicola.

The three remaining terrified girls’ eyes streamed with tears and their cunts dripped with cum.

The man turned once again to the girls.

“Which of you little bitches wants to be next?” He asked.

The three girls shook their heads frantically as he approached them to select his next victim.

He looked at each in turn before settling his eyes on Sarah.

His ever hard cock twitched in excitement as he soaked up the look of pure terror in Sarah’s crystal blue eyes. He removed her gag and she gave an ear-piercing scream.

He also noticed the looks of relief on Cheryl and Nadine’s faces although their relief would be short lived.

The man lifted Sarah from her hook and carried her kicking and screaming over to the now blood soaked bench and secured her onto it in the same helpless spread eagled position.

“Now,” said the man looking Sarah’s body up and down, “how would you like to die?”

“NOOO! NOOO! NOOO!” screamed Sarah “Not me! Please not me!”

“Yes,” the man said in a low taunting voice. “It’s your turn.”

“Please!” sobbed Sarah. “I won’t tell anybody what you’ve done! I promise! I’ll just say the group’s split up. Please! You don’t need to kill me as well!”

“Why should I care who finds out what I’ve done here?” Asked the man “You’re all just girls aren’t you. It’s not like killing you is illegal, is it? You’ll try anything to save your own tits, won’t you?” Said the man.

“Yes!” Sarah screamed “I’ll even help you!”

“And how do you think you can help me?” The man asked feigning intrigue.

Sarah looked to where Cheryl and Nadine were hanging.

“What if I sucked your cock while you killed Cheryl and Nadine?” She said quickly.

“You’re not much of a friend,” said the man. “Why would you want to do that?”

“Because I hate them!” Screamed Sarah “They’re the most popular. World’s sexiest legs! World’s sexiest woman! That should have been me!” Sarah screamed.

A look of disbelief replaced the fear on Cheryl and Nadine’s faces. Sarah was frightened, true, but neither Nicola nor Kimberley had said anything like this. Fresh tears welled up in Nadine’s eyes but Cheryl’s eyes turned hard and she glared hatefully at Sarah. I hope it’s even fucking slower and more painful for you. You blonde bitch! She though venomously.

The man pretended to consider Sarah’s suggestion then said “I’m afraid I don’t see a way to let you live and cut off your sexy bits.” He said “So it’ll be easier for me and more painful for you if I just kill you like I planned to. But I promise you, your two friends will die just as painfully. You have my word.”

Sarah didn’t doubt it as she began to cry once more whilst the man picked up the long knife he’d used on Kimberley and Nicola’s tits.

The man turned the knife towards Sarah as she screamed in panic at the impending pain she was about to endure.

“Let’s see if we can make you last a bit longer than your friends did,” he said.

Sarah just kept screaming as he groped one soft tit with his rough hand and brought the knife beneath it with his other hand.

“NO!” Screamed Sarah. “Please! Don’t cut off my tits. Please!”

The man ignored her pathetic plea for mercy and brought the sharp blade up to slice through Sarah’s soft helpless tit.

Tremendous pain engulfed Sarah’s body as the man slices effortlessly through her soft flesh and lifted the pert severed tit away and placed it beside her head.

Sarah jerked her head the other way so she didn’t have to look at her own cut off tit.

“Oh my God!” She screamed hysterically, “My tit. You’ve cut off my tit. Put it back on! Please put it back on!”

The man enjoyed Sarah’s hysterical pleading and screaming as he likewise sliced off her second tit and placed it at the other side of her head so that now whichever way she looked, she would see her own severed breasts.

Sarah stared wide eyed in disbelief at the bloody mounds where her pert breasts had been only minutes before.

The man now held the smaller of the two knives Sarah had seen him use to cut out Nicola’s cunt.

Sarah’s own cunt began to throb uncontrollably as the man pushed his rough finger up it and twisted it cruelly.

Sarah winced in pain and screamed.

“Kill me! Please kill me! I can’t bear the pain. Please! You’ve had your fun with me. Please do the rest after I’m dead! Please!”

The man laughed and waved the knife in front of Sarah’s wet cunt.

“Please!” begged Sarah “Please make it quick!”

“If I make it quick I won’t have the pleasure of hearing you scream while I’m sawing into you.” He said.

“Please!” screamed Sarah again. “Please! Kill me now!”

“Your cunt or your legs?” asked the man.

“What?” screamed Sarah “What do you mean?”

“I’m going to cut one more thing off before I kill you. Your cunt or your legs? Your choice.”

Sarah didn’t know what to say. She tried to think: Her cunt would take less time to cut out than it would take to saw off her legs. But the thought of dying without her remaining claim to womanhood attached scared her for some reason. Then she thought of Kimberley’s hideous screams as her legs were being sawed off. She was in enough pain already.

“My cunt!” Sarah screamed. “Cut out my cunt and please make it quick.”

“I’ve got a better idea.” the man said putting down the knife and lifting the saw “I’m going to saw off your legs and make it slow!” He began to laugh.

Sarah screamed louder than ever. Louder than she ever thought possible.

The man clamped his rough hand on Sarah’s wet cunt and positioned the saw and once again began the motion of sawing back and forth.

Sarah screamed as she entered a new world of pain hundreds of times worse than that of her tits being cut off. She could feel the saw grinding into her bone, severing tendons and nerves. She was loosing the feeling in her leg as with each successive stoke of the saw it became a little more detached from her sexy body.

Darkness clouded her vision and she did not try to fight it. She was grateful that she would not live through the agony of her other leg being cut off.

The last thing Sarah Harding saw in her young life was the sight of her own beautiful leg being lifted away from her mutilated body. The last thing she felt was the most fantastic pain and fear induced orgasm.

The man sawed off Sarah’s remaining leg and released her body from the bench setting it and its sexy severed members onto the ground with those of Nicola and Kimberley.

Victim #4: Nadine

Cheryl and Nadine were paralysed with fear. The sight of their friends being dismembered alive was horrific enough but the knowledge that the same was going to happen to them was worse still.

The man walked up to them and he licked his lips lustfully at Nadine.

Nadine shut her eyes and shook her head frantically. She felt his rough hands clasp her pert subtle breasts. Her small perfectly round nipples were hard and pointed.

The man ran his hand down her body to find the wet slit between her perfect legs.

“Oh, Nadine,” said the man breathing heavily. “Your legs are so beautiful.” He pulled her soft body against his own hard muscular frame. His rock hard erection pressed into her soft quivering flesh.

“I hope you’ll live long enough to feel the pain of both your legs being cut off.”

Nadine felt her cunt throb and release its hot girl juice. She was frightened but aroused at the same time. She didn’t understand why.

The man removed her gag to reveal her pretty mouth. Which trembled in fear? Her lovely eyes were filled with tears.

“Please,” Nadine whimpered. “Please.”

The man looked at her. His eyes softened though not with regret.

“I have to, Nadine,” he said. “I need to! You’re my dream victim. You’ve got the most perfect legs in the world.”

“I’d liked to have kept you till last,” he said turning to Cheryl. “But I need someone to suck my cock while I’m cutting your legs off.”

Despite all she had just witnessed Nadine still couldn’t quite believe this was happening.

The man lifted Nadine’s slender body from the hook and set her on her knees.

“Suck my cock,” said the man “Suck my cock and I promise I’ll only cut off your legs while you’re alive.”

Nadine whimpered and nodded.

The man freed her wrists from behind the handcuffs and he made her hug his well toned waist.

He then guided his huge erection into Nadine’s accepting mouth.

Nadine had taken men’s cocks in her mouth before but she couldn’t remember one being this hard.

This was what a man with power tasted like she thought. A man with real power over women. The man who was going to kill her.

Tears fell down Nadine’s face as she savoured the taste of the cruel cock in her lovely mouth.

Oh, God! She thought to herself. Oh God! Why is this turning me on?

She curled her velvet tongue around the huge throbbing organ then used the delicate tip of her tongue to gently lick its raw end.

“Good girl,” Panted the man. “Oh yes! Oh yes! OH YES!”

Hot thick cum spurted from his swollen cockhead into Nadine’s mouth. There was so much of it. Even his cum had a taste of power about it.

Nadine swallowed it all knowing that she had never tasted cum like it b before and that she never would again. She sucked and licked until every last trace of the potent cum was gone.

The man made to withdraw his cock but Nadine tightened her grip around his waist.

His strong hands clamped her delicate wrists. “Don’t be greedy.” He said in a mockingly playful tone as he forced her arms from around his waist.

The man withdrew his still hard cock from Nadine’s mouth then he lifted her light body to the bench.

Nadine’s body convulsed in panic as she was laid on the wooden surface of the bench, too weak with fear to struggle.

“No!” She cried “Please! No!”

The man bound Nadine’s wrists and then her ankles so she lay as the others had with her sexy legs painfully wide apart and her cunt lips open.

The man took a moment to savour the sight of Nadine’s beautiful helpless body in the final terrifying moments of her life.

The man couldn’t resist stroking Nadine’s long stockinged legs with his rough hands and finally licking all the cum she had let out of her sweet sticky cunt.

Nadine’s whimpering became moans as she felt the man’s tongue on her legs then on her cunt and finally inside her cunt. He was good with his tongue she thought. He’d probably had a lot of practice and Nadine wondered how many helpless girls’ cunts he had licked or how many terrified girls mouths he had cum in just before he tortured them to death.

The thought made Nadine cum. It was the most fantastic orgasm she had ever felt and she let out more cum than she had ever let out in her life. For that moment her fear was forgotten and all she felt was ecstasy.

The man licked up Nadine’s cum savouring the taste of her fear.

Nadine lay helplessly as the man returned to where only Cheryl now hung from the ceiling.

Tears filled Cheryl’s beautiful brown eyes as the man lifted her off her hook and ungagged her.

“You’re going to suck my cock while I cut off Nadine’s legs,” said the man to Cheryl. “Then I’m going to let you go.”

“What?” asked Cheryl in disbelief. “You’re going to le let me go?”

“As long as you’re a good girl and do what I want,” said the man. “Will you be a good girl?”

“Yes!” cried Cheryl “Yes I’ll do what you want. Oh thank you. I couldn’t have beared to die like that. I’ve been so frightened! Oh thank you! Thank you!”

Cheryl broke down in tears of relief. A blow-job for my life. She thought. I can live with that.

The man walked Cheryl over to where Nadine lay on the bench sobbing in anticipation of her impending painful death.

“Cheryl?” cried Nadine.

“Oh, Nadine.” said Cheryl without thinking. “He’s not going to kill me! All I have to do is suck him off while he–”

Cheryl looked at Nadine. “Oh, my God! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry but I have to live. I just have to! I’m sorry!”

Nadine screamed in protest. “NOOOOOOOO! Please! It’s not fair!”

The man ordered Cheryl to kneel in front of the bench. With her wrists still cuffed.

He approached her holding the blood soaked saw and directed his hard cock into her waiting mouth.

Cheryl accepted the hard organ gratefully and immediately she began to work her tongue around the rock hard shaft of flesh.

The man took a moment to enjoy the sensation of his cock in Cheryl’s mouth then he placed his hand on Nadine’s throbbing cunt in the customary gesture of steadying the girl’s body before he began to saw.

Nadine screamed as she felt the cold steel of the saw’s jagged teeth touching her smooth skin.

The man couldn’t wait any longer. He drew the saw slowly back and then pushed it forward with a mall amount of pressure so Nadine’s skin broke at the joint between her leg and her pelvis.

Nadine could only scream as the saw went backwards again then forwards burying it a little deeper as the pain increased into a searing hot agony.

The deeper the saw went into Nadine’s body, the greater her pain became, the greater her pain, the louder her screams got.

The man continued to saw through the Nadine’s beautiful body; Cheryl continued to frantically suck the man’s hard cock and Nadine continued to scream as her beautiful leg became more and more detached from her body.

The man stopped sawing and it took Nadine in her world of pain, a moment to realise that her leg was completely severed. The man lifted the sexy long limb up for her to see.

Nadine couldn’t scream. She just lay gasping for breath.

On her knees at the base of the bench Cheryl felt the man shoot his load of hot cum into her hungry mouth. Deciding to play safe she swallowed the hot salty cum and kept his cock, which was still surprisingly hard, in her mouth.

The man looked into Nadine’s tear filled eyes happy that she was still alive.

He then positioned the saw on the opposite side and again began to cut slowly at first then faster as the blade buried itself into Nadine’s body.

Nadine felt herself going cold and numb but the sight of her legs, her pride and joy, not to mention her money-making trademark, being sawed off her helpless body, ensured that she kept screaming even though the pain was beginning to lessen.

The saw did it’s work just as it had done on her other leg and Nadine lay, her vision darkening, unable to scream, unable to speak, unable to make any sound or movement save for her sexy mouth quivering ever so slightly.

The man lifted Nadine’s second sexy leg up and hoped that she still had enough vision to see it being discarded along with the other. He then unfastened Nadine’s legless body and set it on the ground beside those of Nicola, Kimberley and Sarah. The last thing Nadine saw was the pile of beautiful, sexy female body parts.

Victim #5: Cheryl

Cheryl knelt in front of the bench sucking the man’s hard cock and swallowing his cum each time he ejaculated.

Nadine’s hideous screams had finally ceased and tears spilled down Cheryl’s cheeks as she realised that all her friends were dead. She deeply regretted her thoughts toward Sarah before she died. After all, Sarah just wanted do live, as did Nicola, Kimberley and Nadine. But through her regret she was secretly relived that it was over and that she was alive. The price for her life was high but she told herself it had been worth it: she would soon be free, or as free as any beautiful girl was in today’s society.

“You can stop now.” The man said to Cheryl with a sound of immense sexual relief.

Cheryl let the man’s hard cock out of her mouth and sighed in a different kind of relief.

The man then lifted her to her feet.

“Thank you,” said Cheryl weakly as the man unlocked the handcuffs which bound her wrists. Instinctively Cheryl threw her arms around the hooded man and sobbed uncontrollably. She felt his hard cock pressing against her soft body.

“Fuck me!” She whispered softly. “Please fuck me! I need to be fucked!”

The man said nothing but moved his hands down Cheryl’s smooth back and took hold of her pert arse cheeks then heaved her body up so he impaled her wet cunt on his ever hard cock.

“Oh God, yes!” Screamed Cheryl as she slid down the hard column of his man flesh.

She wrapped her black stockinged legs around his thighs as he began to pump into her soft hot body.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” Cheryl repeatedly panted.

The man sat Cheryl on the blood soaked bench and then leaned forward forcing her onto her back.

He then proceeded to take her arms from around his neck and held her wrists outstretched towards the corners of the bench.

Cheryl just moaned at the massive cock filling her wet cunt. She didn’t notice until it was too late that the man had fastened one of her wrists to the bench while more and more vigorously he thrust himself into her.

It was only when Cheryl wanted to pull his muscular body closer to her own soft body that she realised her writs had been restrained.

“What are you doing?” She screamed suddenly remembering that she was fucking the man who had mercilessly tortured her four friends.

The man continued to thrust into her more violently now, not caring if he caused Cheryl pain as well as pleasure. He easily held her other wrist into place and tightly secured it in the leather strap.

“No!” Screamed Cheryl. “No! You promised! You promised you’d let me live!”

Panic engulfed Cheryl’s whole body and she convulsed with fear just as the man ejaculated, shooting his hot load up her throbbing cunt. Cheryl screamed as she felt the hot cum enter her body and burn its way up into her body.

The man slowed down and withdrew his cock from Cheryl’s trembling body.

“I lied,” said the man laughing at his own cruelty.

“You didn’t really think I was going to let you live after killing the others, did you?”

Cheryl couldn’t bring herself to answer. She just sobbed as he tied her ankles with the leather straps.

The man then picked up the long knife.

Cheryl’s eyes widened in terror as he squeezed one of her large firm tits and began to slice.

Cheryl’s head exploded into a world of pain as the sharp blade made its way through her tit-flesh.

The man held up her severed tit for her to look at but all Cheryl could stare at was the gaping wound on one side of her chest.

“Did you enjoy that as much as you enjoyed watching it happen to your friends?” Asked the man.

Cheryl screamed at the horrendous pain she was feeling.

The man quickly set to work slicing off Cheryl’s other tit and again he held it up to inspect his handiwork.

Next the man exchanged the knife for its smaller companion and began to cut round Cheryl’s stinging cunt.

Cheryl’s screams got louder and louder as the man pulled out her severed cunt. She wanted it to end. She wanted this to never have happened.

She didn’t want to feel the pain of her legs being sawed off but she knew it was coming as the man discarded the small knife and positioned the saw beside the gaping bloody hole where her cunt had been.

The pain was unlike anything Cheryl had ever imagined. Even as she had watched the others’ legs being sawed off and listened to their screams a part of her tried to convince her that it couldn’t have been so bad. How wrong she was!

She could feel the saw separating her body from her leg and she screamed because scream was all she could do.

Cheryl watched as one of her beautiful legs was raised up high for her to see and fully contemplate what had happened to her.

The man, delighted by the fact that Cheryl still alive began to saw at her remaining leg.

As them man sawed away at the her remaining sexy black stockinged leg Cheryl’s vision blurred and then darkened but not before the man held up her leg to admire his sawing skills one last time.

* * *

The man looked at the beautiful dismembered bodies of five of the world’s sexiest girls. He set about sorting into pairs their severed tits and legs. He then carefully cut off each head from its dead torso and likewise grouped them with their respective severed limbs. All that remained was to pay the coach driver, take photos of the body parts for their auction on eBay and burn enough copies of the DVD he had just filmed.

Girls Aloud: The world’s sexiest all girl pop group had died the painful sexy deaths they had always deserved.


I switched of the DVD player suitably fulfilled by what I had just watched. I stroked Nadine’s beautiful legs in my lap. They felt smooth and subtle and were even more beautiful in the flesh than I had ever imagined.

The front door opened and I saw that it was my sexy little sixteen year old sister, Vicki, coming home from school.

Vicki was in awe at how beautiful Nadine’s legs were and said that I should dress them up in tights or stockings and display them in my room.

I looked at my little sister’s own sexy legs and decided that after watching such a sexy DVD that needed to pay a game with her.

“Strip!” I said to her. “Everything but your stockings and heels.”

Vicki quickly obeyed. She loved our games as much as I did.

“What are we playing?” Vicki asked “The Princess and The Executioner? Or the Prostitute Punishments?”

“It’s a surprise,” I said to her. “Run upstairs and lie on my bed with your legs wide apart and I’ll be up in a minute.”

Vicki ran excitedly out of the room and up the stairs. I would follow her soon but first I went to the shed to find a sharp saw and some strong rope.


Author’s note: the named celebrities in this piece are fictionalised representations of themselves. I do not condone in the real world any of the acts described in this work.

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