I love you, baby

I put my hand into your pram and pull out your baby by its neck. It looks stupidly at me, its eyes unfocussed, its shrivelled pumpkin-head still, its body wriggling a little bit underneath. It doesn’t seem too bothered by its position; but that might be because it’s not breathing particularly well and already realises that crying would be a foolish mistake.

I grab its feet with my free hand and wrench downwards. I feel your baby’s skull separate from its neck in a neat internal decapitation, watch it die instantly in my hands as its body springs up again, and then pull down even harder. I want to tear its fucking head off while it’s still warm and still twitchy.

I stab it in its throat with my Swiss army knife and tear across it like a piece of rotten fabric. I tug again, ripping through the remaining skin and cartilage, and throw its decapitated body on the floor like a discarded sweet wrapper.

My jeans are already around my ankles, my penis already rock-solid, and it’s a very neat fit into your baby’s windpipe. Its trachea convulses still, it’s brain not dead enough to give up on life, squeezing my bell-end in moist, bloody gasps. I fuck it deep and hard, my cock reaches the top of its face and bursts through into its cranium; I poke its still-living grey matter with my trembling cock.

I turn its head around to look into its vacuous eyes. I want to rip through the top of its skull, my hard-on bursting through and ejaculating like a glorious volcano. Innocent blood drips down my legs from the severed head, me laughing at its stupid toothless naïve grin, ripping its windpipe apart with violent thrusts and turning its insides into mush.

I feel myself coming. It feels totally lifeless now, its brain too oxygen-starved and too cock-penetrated to bother. I fuck it faster and faster and fill its mind with my warm, life-bringing jism, hoping that I’ve cum all over its memories of you.

I hold it up triumphantly, my sticky semen coagulating with his blood and falling out in lumps of strawberry ice cream. I toss his head next to his body and stamp on it – brain and blood and bones and semen streak over the floor and up my leg – and piss off back home to smoke a fag.