Totally sexy French Girl II

I approached the familiar door and knocked on. A shapely young girl with curly brown hair answered it. She was expecting me. It only took for us to make eye contact for her to hold me by the chin and pull my lips into hers.

She had fallen on to the bed with me, and we were both kissing and stroking, my hands rubbing up and down her smooth contours, tearing off clothes, liberating her beautiful nakedness; my mouth breathing on and licking her cute pink nipples and massaging those big, shapely bosoms; I was drowning in ecstasy; this stunning topless girl was on top of me, and she was responding with just as much passion.

She ripped my shirt open, sending buttons scattering around the room, and proceeded to undo my pants, freeing my desperate cock.

I ran my fingers between her legs and felt that eager rock, bursting to get out. “Turn over,” she commanded, in her delicate, purring French accent, throwing my jeans behind her. I turned around. She pulled her pants down and unleashed her steel dick to the cold air.

With one hand masturbating, she used the other hand to smear butter up and down my arse crack. Then, she took her big, dustbin-lid sized hands, took a large finger, and slid it in and out of my arse, introducing slimy butter to my rectum. The first poke sent a shockwave of tingles up my body – a piercing pain followed by heightening ecstasy – as she tickled my sensitive inner-arsehole, fingernails scraping along my prostrate. I felt my erection spasm with every poke that breached my exterior, every time her slender finger rubbed inside my winking anus.

Without warning, I’d been mounted. She shoved her thick, veiny cock through my anus and into my body. It didn’t take long for me to get over the initial pain and to enjoy her glorious penis. It was so fucking hot. I couldn’t believe that I was actually getting fucked up the ass by this sexy French bird. She thrusted in and out, every stroke peaking my excitement and the intensity until it spilled, until it felt like I could cum all over her sheets, until I came all over her sheets. She hadn’t finished.

She pinned me down, I obligingly bit the pillow as she pushed her massive cock further and further into my tight, dry asshole. Oh my God, my heart realised with a pang. I was full of French tranny dick. A very French pegging. Cursing and muttering with her sexy foreign tongue, her balls slapping against my arsecheeks, her cock sliding in and out of my buttered-up bottom. The penetration was orgasmic for me, me, her dirty, worthless ass-slut – I found it difficult to not roar and scream and shriek with euphoria every time she filled me up.

I felt her dick quivering inside me before she erupted with a sigh and sprayed my insides with litres of ejaculate. I felt every pump, as she gave herself inside of me, her granite hard-on turning to putty inside my sore, tender intestinal walls, and she pulled out and fell asleep spooning me.